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I'm an avid writer, self-taught designer, and developing marketing professional, currently seeking out my next big life adventure. Originally from Santa Clara, CA, my eagerness to explore the world outside of my sheltered hometown has led me to the sunny beaches of Southern California.

My passion for storytelling led me to dedicate the past four years studying Communication, English and Multimedia Professional Writing at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I constantly marvel over the unique ability of words to define and expand our worldview, and continually seek new ways to expand my creative horizons. With experience writing and producing compelling digital graphics for a wide variety of audiences and purposes, I hope to use my unique world perspective to make a mark in the world of marketing, advertising or public relations.

A glimpse into my world beyond the realm of the mouse and keyboard would reveal ample amounts of: reading, Thai food, podcasts, crossword puzzles, live music, experimental baking, dogs, adventuring, puns, running, and typography.

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R. Johnsen
Name : Rachel Johnsen
Email : rachelajohnsen@gmail.com
LinkedIn : rachelajohnsen


Here you will find a collection of some of the work I have created using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

What started out as a mere affinity for designing aesthetically pleasing content has fostered into my love of graphic design. I have been able to consistently develop my graphic design skills throughout my time at UCSB, through my internship with Gaucho Sports Marketing and the Multimedia Writing Minor program.


Included in this section are articles or projects I have written for various internships and courses at UCSB. The variety of the work demonstrates my ability to write for a diverse array of audiences and purposes.



Millennials Missing the Mark

Fewer employers think millennials are prepared for advancement and promotion within the workforce, despite believing these college graduates to be equipped with the skills and knowledge required for entry-level...



Adapting to the Millennial Generation

Everyday, recent college graduates and Google new-hires arrive on their first day of work expecting to rapidly achieve the fame and success of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and the likes of great entrepreneurs...


Home Savi

How to Write a Sweetheart Letter

Personalized offer letters can set you apart in today’s competitive markets. Reviving the practice of writing love letters could help you when making your offer. In today’s competitive markets, it could be the difference...



Santa Barbara Animal Care Foundation: Creative Brief

Target Audience Profile: After conducting extensive marketing research through secondary sources on the Internet, the primary target audience for this campaign is determined to be “Baby Boomers” who...


Multimedia Communication

What is Multimedia Communication?

Multimedia writing as a process is as interactive and involved as the very concept of multimedia is. As an audience member, there are two possible options for processing information . The first is passively seeing...


Social Marketing

Please Don't Stop the Music: A Social Campaign for Improved Police Relations in Isla Vista

The noise ordinance that exists in Isla Vista (I.V.) is something that many students are aware of; however, many also lack a full understanding of the logistics of the law...


Throughout my time at UCSB, I have had the opportunity to go out of my comfort zone and dabble in writing video scripts, conducting interviews and video editing. Here you will find several examples of video projects I have contributed to in one way or another.

  • The Road to Chomaha: Clay Fisher

    UCSB Athletics

    An interview I conducted with UCSB Baseball shortstop Clay Fisher about his trip to the 2016 College World Series.

  • 2016 UCSB Men's Soccer: Meet the Team

    UCSB Athletics

    An interview I conducted with members of the 2016 UCSB men's soccer team at an annual pre-season event.

  • UCSB Men's Basketball Commercial

    UCSB Athletics

    A commercial I wrote and starred in for a UCSB men's basketball game against UC Irvine broadcast throughout Santa Barbara County.

  • Final Reflection Video

    Multimedia Communication

    A final reflection video for my Multimedia Communication class, demonstrating my understanding and application of key course concepts including story, design, color, space, interaction and co-authorship.



A brief overview of my current and past employment history, working towards a career in marketing, advertising, or public relations.

A complete version of my resume can be seen by clicking here.

  • blog-1

    Gaucho Sports Marketing

    Marketing/Branding Captain

    January 2016-Present

    • Work under the Director of Marketing to assist in overseeing a staff of 15 interns
    • Responsible for distributing and directing marketing projects to interns, ensuring each project is successfully and efficiently completed
    • Perform innovative research in order to write, edit and organize weekly emails sent out to community members about upcoming Gaucho events
    • Write and conduct series of video interviews with athletes
    • Use Adobe Photoshop to create advertisements, collateral and facility designs consistent with the brand identity of UCSB Athletics
    • Create and update social media posts and accounts to develop a strong online presence

  • blog-1

    Home Savi

    Marketing Intern

    May-September 2016

    • Performed extensive research and wrote informative articles about the home buying process to include in the knowledge base
    • Responsible for creating a comprehensive social media schedule
    • Utilized Adobe Photoshop to create visual graphics to accompany blog posts
    • Worked with Mail Chimp and various other web platforms to contact potential users and investors in Home Savi

  • blog-1

    Gaucho Sports Marketing

    Marketing/Branding Intern

    September-December 2015

    • Developed strong proficiency in Adobe Photoshop while creating various marketing and design projects
    • Wrote and was featured in a series of video commercials promoting athletic events that were broadcasted throughout Santa Barbara County
    • Successfully planned and marketed three UCSB Basketball games
    • Responsibilities included creating advertisements, developing promotions, and community engagement to improve fan attendance
    • Helped create and maintain a brand identity for UCSB Athletics

  • blog-1

    Oddball Film + Video


    June-July 2014

    • Researched archival and historic footage
    • Entered and maintained film, video and digital images into the database
    • Learned to handle, view, preserve and repair rare and archival 16mm, 35 mm, and small gauge film
    • Performed film to digital transfers by logging and using metadata procedures
    • Watched short films and video clips and wrote brief and concise summaries of their contents


Listed here are a few of the courses I have taken throughout my time as a student at UCSB. These courses have given me the practical and theoretical knowledge and communication skills necessary to develop a career in the marketing, advertising and public relations fields.

  • l


    -Overview of foundational principles of marketing theories and strategies
    -Focused on consumer behavior, marketing research, and promotion strategies
    -Culminated in development of a creative brief and promotional video for a local Santa Barbara non-profit

  • j


    -Analysis and practice of news writing for print and broadcast
    -Focus on inverted pyramid style, interview techniques, background research, editing, writing to deadline, and ethics
    -Researched and wrote an inverted pyramid article, feature length analysis, and broadcast about millennials in the workforce

  • g


    -Introduction into social marketing and how to produce change within a given community
    -Based on marketing and persuasion strategies
    -Culminated in a marketing plan to better relations between Isla Vista residents and police officers, which could potentially be implemented in the community

  • f


    -Focuses on new modes of writing and publishing enabled by computer technology
    -Analyzed, created, read about and reflected on multimedia writing.
    -Projects included blog posts, podcasts and videos

  • h


    -Practical and analytical approach to sentence structure and diction for professional writers and editors
    -Focused on diversity of writing styles, formats and audiences

  • u


    -Focus on grammatical and rhetorical expertise for designing in print and digital media
    -Projects included flyers, resumes, professional website, & a digital and print portfolio
    -Created digital work using software and coding, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress


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